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Screening in Argentina

The International Wine Film Festival, MOST arrives in Mendoza

March 17, 2021: "Vitis Prohibita" (feature documentary. France. 2019). Director Stephan Balay. This is the true story of the banning of certain so-called "impure" grape varieties, when in fact they represent a large genetic variety. What was their crime? Resisting disease, adapting naturally to climate change and getting rid of the pesticides and other products that have flooded modern viticulture. Resistant varieties turned vineyards upside down in the 19th century and are now considered one of the solutions for environmentally friendly viticulture.

From March 17 to 31, 2021, in three weekly appointments at La Enoteca, the Fondo Vitivinícola presents the cycle MOST AL SUR, a selection of feature films and shorts passed by the International Wine Film Festival MOST (based in Catalonia), and which showcase the cultures around wine that grow in different latitudes and weave commonalities around the world. Admission is free and in solidarity.

MOST (which means "must" in Catalan) is one of the most prestigious wine film festivals in Europe and Latin America; it is held in the Penedés region of Catalonia and has been bringing together the most outstanding documentary and fictional audiovisual productions on wine cultures for the past 10 years. MOST AL SUR is the first landing of the Festival in Mendoza and "is the result of the friendship and cooperation between the organizers of the Festival and the Fondo Vitivinícola; together we trace a working route between Catalonia and Mendoza with the culture of wine as a bridge. This series of films will be an opportunity to see how wine can tell stories in a different and wonderful way", says Carmen Pérez, of the Fondo Vitivinícola.

Xavier Fornos is the director of Vinseum, the Museum of Wine Cultures in Catalonia, and he is also in charge of organizing this international film festival. About this year's edition of MOST AL SUR, he emphasizes "with great emotion this first transatlantic joint venture promoted by the Fondo Vitivinícola Mendoza. It is an honor to be able to bring our window to the world of wine to Mendoza, one of the most unique wine lands on the planet. We are very happy to contribute to strengthening a historical relationship that continues to unite Argentina and Catalonia in a brotherly bond. And doing so hand in hand with audiovisual culture deepens Vinseum's mission, which is to disseminate to the world the holistic and transversal nature of wine as an infinite, beautiful, unaffordable and intoxicating cultural and human phenomenon. Hoping that this is the first stone of the future Most Festival - Mendoza edition, we give you a big hug and invite you to look at the world of wine through the cinema (beware, it's addictive)."

The Enoteca will be the meeting place to enjoy each of the four sessions in which documentaries and short films will be screened, as well as the two chapters of the series "Voices of Wine", produced by the Fondo Vitivinícola and screened at MOST in 2019. At each meeting, a wine tasting will be part of the presentation that follows. Admission is free and will be exchanged at La Enoteca (Peltier 611, Ciudad) every Monday before the exhibition, from 9am to 5pm, for a box of milk (800 gr.) for Kairós, a civil association that works for the integral development of children and adolescents. Places are limited.

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