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Maurice Bensoussan

  • Vineland A History of Wine in the United States
    Editions l'Arganier, 2006.

Freddy Couderc

France Culture

  • "Terre à Terre" by Ruth Stégassy
    December 29, 2012 - "The forbidden grape varieties"
    With: Freddy Couderc, wine lover and collector, author of "The mythical wines of the Ardèche Cévennes and Bas-Vivarais"; Hervé Garnier, from the association "Mémoire de la vigne" and Pierre Galet, historian and ampelographer.

Fruits Oubliés Réseau

Pierre Galet

Richard G. Leahy

Lucie Morton

  • Winegrowing in Eastern America
    Cornell University press, 1985.

  • Georges Couderc - Sa Vie, Son OEuvre, La Vigne (version française)

  • Georges Couderc - His Life, His Work, The Vine (English version)

Yves Leers avec la participation de Valéry Laramée de Tannenberg

  • Vin, le Grand Bouleversement. Quelle vigne pour quel climat ?
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