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Midi Libre - United by the love of bottle diving

Some laudatory lines the day after the preview in Alès (30)

“If I had to use a wine term, I would say that this documentary is for the moment

a little scoop.” Stéphan Balay, the author of the documentary Vitis prohibita, presented his young film dedicated to prohibited grape varieties on Tuesday at the Cinéplanet. A premiere that a national release at the beginning of June could transform into a Grand Cru as the film reveals, via numerous witnesses around the world, the absurdity of this ban pronounced at the end of the war.

“I always saw a bottle of Clinton on the table,” smiles the boy from Meyrannes when recalling the starting point of his documentary. A film which supports the recent approach of the IGP Cévennes wine union demanding from Brussels the lifting of this ban in view of the resistant qualities of these grape varieties offering a response to the challenge of tomorrow's viticulture. Local wines whose palates have been able to measure the quality contrary to the preconceived ideas professed by disgruntled spirits.

STÉPHANE BARBIER – Midi Libre March 13, 2019

Midi Libre - United by the love of the dive bottle.


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