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France Culture - In Eco Veritas

Two extracts from Vitis prohibita in the program In eco veritas (1/4) Wine market: conquering the world from September 23, 2019:

- Testimony of Pierre Galet, ampelographer, professor of viticulture.

- Hervé Garnier, amateur winemaker and founder of the “Mémoire de la Vigne” association defends hybrid grape varieties

Description of the show:

Wine has become a global product, consumed and produced on all continents. It affects completely new countries, populations, age groups and social classes. Therefore, and in a climatic context that is uncertain to say the least, how can we adapt?

This week, we will explore the vineyards, from the Chianti valley to California. New series dedicated to the wine economy and its 282 million hectoliters produced last year. A wine market that has experienced tremendous growth since the 2000s: more than a hundred countries now sell white, red and rosé wines. Tomorrow, head to Roman Gaul in the first century BC at a time when wine was flowing freely. On Wednesday, we will follow the seasonal workers in the vineyard, pruning shears in hand, and finally on Thursday, it is the wine tourism business that will interest us. But first, let's look at how wine managed to conquer the world...


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