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Filming in Brazil

We spent 2 weeks in Brazil to continue filming. Our first stop was in the GI Vales da Uva Goethe, perhaps the only region in the world where we can find the Goethe grape variety, now extinct in the United States from where it is from. This white hybrid grape variety (cross between a Vitis vinifera variety and an American Vitis labrusca variety) was brought to the state of Santa Catarina - Brazil, at the end of the 19th century and adopted by immigrants. It adapts very well to the particularly humid climatic conditions of the region.

On our second stopover, we were warmly welcomed for a week at Embrapa's vine and wine research center in Bento Gonçalves. In addition to the new Brazilian hybrid grape varieties, we found many hybrid and American varieties in the region that have adapted well to the tropical climate (Isabella, Jacquez, Herbemont, Cunningham, Cynthiana, Ives known here as Bordô...). We also sampled some very interesting local wines. Lucie Morton gave a talk on vine trunk diseases, to a large and enthusiastic audience.


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