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"A wine that drives you mad"

The daily newspaper "Quotidiano del Piave" came to make a video report on the great evening of projection and tasting of Vitis prohibita at Castelbrando Castle, Veneto - Italy.

Translation of the article below.

Video in Italian:

A return to the past and a look to the future: with this objective, on September 11, Castelbrando di Cison di Valmarino welcomed the Confraternita del Clinto association for an unprecedented screening.

The confraternity has about 300 members scattered throughout the Veneto region and beyond and organized a preview screening for Italy of "Vitis prohibita - the return of the resistant vines" a short film shot in the United States, France, the Quartier del Piave, Austria and Romania.

"This film was created for the protection and preservation of this vine that was disappearing, even if here in the Quartier del Piave it can be found almost everywhere," comments Franco Zambon, president of the association.

Clinto has a particular history and Franco explains that wine making is forbidden everywhere except in Austria and Romania.

Stéphan Balay is the director of the film: "When I was a child, I always saw a bottle of Clinto on the table at home and it was strange because in France they said it was bad for you, it made you go crazy, and I wanted to know more about it to understand why it was even considered dangerous".

"I realized the problem was not only French but European - he continues - therefore the goal of the conference is to make people know this wine through a documentary film that initially will make people laugh, but will end up explaining the viticulture of the future".

Luca Buffon, regional manager of small local productions, also commented: "We can say that in addition to the other 12 types already included among the Ppl (small local productions) we are working on the entry of Clinto, which we know is recognized as one of the typical products of Veneto".

The presentation of products is important and must be promoted in the right way, as Antonio Panizzolo, member of the board of the Confraternity of Clinto, confirms: "In order to safeguard the vine we want to enhance it at 360 degrees, for example through the "Sugoli", a dessert made from the must of Clinto, well known in the Padua and Vicenza areas, but we also find it in braised meat, roasts or desserts such as pinza and other typical products of Veneto".

Franco Zambon reminds that Clinto has a history which has its roots in the peasant tradition and anticipates how it could be transformed in the future: in fact, among the experts of the sector there is talk about PVI, vines which do not need treatments and which could finally renew the history of this wine.

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